Friday, May 25, 2012

Saving Update Day 2 & Random Pic of the Day

So yesterday I didn't go shopping at all, but I did end up spending quite a bit of money. Let me explain. A couple of weeks ago I got a speeding ticket. I was speeding in a school zone. I didn't realize that it was school zone time and then my brother was like slow down! And of course at that exact moment a cop was there. Ahhh! So annoying. Well I went and payed the fee so that I could take defensive driving and have the ticket taken off my driving record instead of paying the ticket. And since I was at the court I decided to check out the library (it's literally in the same building as the municipal courts). I hadn't been to the library in over a year. I knew I had some fines so I went and paid them. The fine was only $19 for the library and I got to check out some TV seasons, some music and a book. The court fine was $130. So much money spent, but I feel legit now. Those are the only things that I spent any money on yesterday. I'd call it a success!

And now for the random picture of the day! My brother and I went to Ikea the other day and on the way back this van was in front of us. It was covered in anti-republican and Doctor Who stickers with some other nonsense mixed in. It was hilarious!

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