Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Love is in the Air?

I just received my first MyGlam bag and the theme was 'Love is in the Air.' Really? That was the theme for MAY? Couldn't it have been 'Yay Spring is Here' or 'Spring is in the Air' or something more appropriate for the the season? I don't know. The theme irked me. Also the fact that I paid for the thing on the 1st of May and got it on the 21st. There were people who got theirs on the 11th. And the bag or the contents defiantly were not a surprise. MyGlam was posting 'hints' about what was in the bag at the beginning of the month and then when all the people started getting theirs, they were posting pictures and bitching about what they got (and really who can blame them, on both accounts). Seeing what everyone got in their bags was worrying me. Everyone was posting pictures of these ugly brown and deep red lipsticks. I certainly don't look good in either.
I finally got my MyGlam bag yesterday. I was a bit relieved. The lipstick was actually a light pink color that's pretty on the lips, the brushes are nice, the bag is cheaply made, but pretty cute, the nail things are interesting and the perfume sample well... I work at a fragrance counter, so I really don't need anymore little vials of perfume laying around, but it smells nice.
Here are some pictures:
All the stuff in my bag and the cute pink shipping packaging.
The bag is blue with pink kisses. It's a sateen feeling and pretty cheap looking, but I kinda like it so I'll use it.

The lipstick packaging.

Studio Gear lipstick in the color Joy.

A swatch of the lipstick. It looks more pink on the lips than it does swatched.

iss Beauty Nail Bling. I have tiny nails so I don't know how this is going to work out.

MyGlam brushes. I think one is supposed to be a concealer brush and maybe one is a teeny tiny eye brush?

philosophy Love Sweet Love eau de toilette.

The perfume is a sweet fruity foral. Light and perfect for spring and summer. I quite like it.

That was the May MyGlam bag. I guess it was ok. What happened to all the awesome Urban Decay and The Balm stuff from months past. I feel like they waited till I was to get my first one to start putting pretty junky stuff in them. I'll try one more month. A summer one should be better, right?
What beauty subscriptions are you subscribed to or thinking about subscribing to?
Happy Tuesday!

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