Wednesday, May 23, 2012

eBay Jewelry Part Dos (And Some JewelMint)

Over the last couple of weeks I've been getting teeny tiny packages from China just about everyday. It's like Christmas on a daily basis. This is because about a month ago I scoured eBay and ordered about $20 worth of jewelry from Chinese sellers. Most items where $.99 (a few items were about $1.30). I don't really need anymore jewelry, but I couldn't resist. Ha ha!
I showed some of the items a few posts ago, but since then I received more. If memory serves, this should be the last of it.
Eiffel Tower necklace.

Camera necklace.

Clock with rabbit necklace.

Owl necklace.

Flower stud earrings

Leather ring with clover and bead charms.

Gold ring with red stone

Blue dangle earrings.

Union Jack stud earrings.

Leaf and stone ring.

I also made my first Jewelmint purchase at the beginning of this month. They were doing a Mother's Day Mystery Bag promotion for $29.99 (which is the price of one piece by itself normally). I gave it a shot because I usually like all the pieces on Jewelmint, but I had never wanted to spend $29.99 each. It seemed a little high for what you are getting, but the mystery bag guaranteed that you would get at least two pieces. Only problem is you don't get to pick what you get (it's a mystery. haha). I took the plunge and ordered it. This is what I got in my bag:

Midas Silver Touch ring. This ring is big and weird. I like it.

Yves Rings. I kinda can't find one of them (bad blogger), but these are the two from the set that I was able to locate. They are unique and interesting. The one that I can't find is a band with a little dangly lock like the key one.

Theses are the Love Rings. I actually quite like them.

So those are my eBay and JewelMint purchases from weeks ago. Do you guys order from eBay or JewelMint?

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