Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Blog! Yay!!

Time for celebration! It's my first blog post! And since it's the first, I thought I would give ya'll a bit of an introduction to me and where I came up with the name for the blog. :-)
First of all, I am a city girl. The country has too much dirt and too many rednecks. I like the city: the shopping, the places to eat, museums, coffee shops, public transportation, etc. I would much rather be around the scum of the city than the wholesomeness of the country.
So last night when I was chilln' and listening to some Pandora (greatest, bestest website ever!) and I put it on The Black Keys station. I came across this song called 'Meet Me in the City' and it inspired me to name my blog after the song since I love the city. I actually haven't looked up the lyrics yet so I don't know how appropriate the song is to my life, but whatever, I like it.