Friday, October 26, 2012

Two weekends ago I went to a couple of concerts. First was Goyte with special guest Kimbra on Friday night. I went with my mom. I was a little worried at first because the opener Jonti, was kinda terrible. Sorry dude. Then Kimbra came on and was freaking crazy and dressed like some kind of bird mutant. You can kinda see her getup in this video. But then Gotye finally got on stage and was so good. I really had a great time. I managed to snap this pic of Kimbra and Goyte during Somebody That I Used to Know. Not the best, but you can see 'em.
Cover Photo
During the Gotye concert, they had all this awesome videos playing along with the songs. I think this is my fav.
Or this one.
The next night I went to see GroupLove at the House of Blues Dallas with a friend. It was totally different than Gotye, more rocking out, less thoughtful. We got beers before the show started. We also got tix to the after party. I when we got there it was a little lame. We ended up finding a corner and talking. I think we both felt a bit out of place. Then we found a band member and took pictures with him. It was a great evening. 
 My friend decided to take this lovely picture of me and post it on my brother's Facebook page. Thanks Tracey. LOL.
Me drinking the ever classy PBR. Yay for cheap drinks!
The singer/guitarist was wearing a bathrobe. Now that's class!
Terrible picture of me with Sean Gadd from the band. What the heck happened to may face? Why do I look like a demented person? Who knows.
Overall it was a fun live music filled weekend. I got to see two totally different bands with two totally different people. I kinda wish every weekend was like this.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hello Lovelies. Long Time, No See! :-(

I can't believe I've neglected my blog for so long. It's quite sad. I plan on fixing this wrong. I love posting and I've got some ideas up my sleeve for future blog posts that I think will be really fun. Anyways, it finally got cold here in Texas and I'm bundled up in the ugliest, most mix-matched array of lounge clothing ever, seriously. Doctor Who shirt that says "Rule No. 1: The Doctor Lies," blue starry pj bottoms from a long ago Christmas, Victoria's Secret hoodie, blue and red Aztec print socks, and a purple and pink floral headband. It's bad, so there will be NO OFOTD here. Ha ha. My monthly monster friend has also come to visit. Ugh! I loathe you, you monthly horror! I decided that while I look horrible and feel that way I would treat myself to some Mr. Kipling French Fancies. Yum. Yum. Nummy in my tummy. I picked them up at a British store I just found out about a couple of weeks ago. I paid waaayyyy too much for the box and they don't taste that good, but they remind me of the mother country. So, while Texas enjoys its first taste of fall I'll be inside snuggled up in my comfy/ugly sleep clothes eating French Fancies. What do you do on a chilly day off?
PS: All is not lost for me. Hopefully I'll be going to a haunted house tonight. Yay! An excuse to get dressed!