Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Postal Service

I know it's been a massive amount of time since I last blogged, but here's a little blurb about the ah-freaking-mazing concert I went to 2 weeks ago:
I got to see Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) in his other band, The Postal Service! I saw Gibbard last year with Death Cab. It was so amazing that I vowed if they came back through Dallas I would certainly be going to see 'em again. Well, earlier this year The Postal Service tix went on sale, and while they're not Death Cab they are almost as brilliant and it is fronted by Gibbard, so i had to get them! I didn't know when I got the tickets who I would be going with and honestly if I couldn't find anyone it wouldn't have been that big of an issue. I ended up trying to find someone to go with me the weekend before the concert. Oops. Everyone was working or had school. Then I decided to ask one of my relatively new friends. She was sweet enough to go with me and we had a blast. Now, this tour is kind of a special one. If you don't know, The Postal Service formed over a decade ago. They only ever released one album and did one tour. For the tenth anniversary of Give Up (the one lone album) they released a deluxe version of it and decided to go on tour again. I was so excited for this because, honestly, I didn't think I'd ever get to see them live. The concert was great! Ra Ra Riot opened. They were one of the best opening acts I've seen in a long while. I had so much fun bopping along to Ra Ra Riot and the Postal Service. What a great night!