Sunday, April 15, 2012

No Self Control?? Says Who??

So I fucked up my "money diet." I didn't save any money and I ended up spending a crazy amount of dough. This is good for a lifestyle blog though, since now I can post a bunch of hauls. It is not, however, good for my wallet. I WILL try again and it WILL work this time. I have faith in myself and I fully intend on making some Big life changes starting this month. I am going to do a complete spring cleaning, start my diet and exercise routine (I want to go to Jamaica this December and fat girls don't look cute chilling on the beach), and I am going to successfully save some money. I usually fail at stuff like this, but this time around I feel that I am fully capable of fulfilling my goals. I also intend on using my blog to track my progress. I can't wait to be the self actualized women that I know I can be.