Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Heart Death Cab For Cutie :)

Months ago I woke up early one morning, raced to the computer, and purchased tickets to probably my favorite band's concert in my area. I didn't know who I was going to take with me. I didn't know how I would get there (I HATE driving in Dallas). All I knew was that after about 8 years of being in love with Death Cab For Cutie, I was finally going to see them in person!!
I finally decided I wanted to go with my Mum. She likes a bit of their music and I though some mum/daughter time might be nice.
So I waited and waited. I had another concert that I was freaking excited about as well about 2 weeks ago. My local alternative rock station puts on a mini music festival each year. It was a blast. I got to see The Ting Tings, Foxy Shazam, Blue October, Cake, The Black Keys, Cage The Elephant, Garbage and more in one day. After that concert, I kinda thought Death Cab would be a let down. I mean really, only one band? How boring.
OM Freaking G. How wrong was I. Yesterday I was sort of excited. I was in a bad mood for some unknown reason, my mum was grouchy. I couldn't find my camera and my mum didn't want to bring hers, even though she had talked about bringing, because on the venue website said no cameras with detachable lenses were allowed. So we left early, no cameras in hand and departed for the concert. All the bad vibes melted away once we were in the car. I put on the Codes and Keys CD and we had a nice conversation. When we got to Dallas we parked and ate at Chick-fil-a. We then went to the auditorium. That's when we realized it really sucked that we didn't have our cameras. The space was small and we could see the stage perfectly. We would have gotten some epic pics. Oh well.
The lights when down and these two dudes got on stage. They didn't really say anything at all. The guitarist just looked at his feet and the synthesizer guy looked like he was spazing in his chair. They were the opening band, and they were pretty awful. Mum and I had a pretty swell time making fun of them.
Then Ben Gibbard and crew came on stage, as well as a small orchestra, The MagikMagik orchestra. They played a song. Ben talked to the audience between songs and showed a great stage presence that the opening act lacked. The addition of the orchestra was amazing. Death Cab had recorded with the MagikMagik orchestra on the Codes and Keys album, so those songs were awesome. The orchestra also lent a new depth to their older songs. After about an hour they said their time had come to an end. Not! Death Cab came back on, this time with acoustic instruments and played half a dozen more songs. All fabulous. Then they added the orchestra back.
The band was fantastic live. Some songs where heart wrenching, others were up beat toe tappers.They did songs from across their career. Favorites and some a little more obscure. I was especially happy with Grapevine Fires, What Sarah Said, Crooked Teeth, Hindsight, Monday Morning, Soul Meets Body and Death of An Interior Decorator. My mum seemed really happy when they did Soul Meets Body. It's one of the few she knows all the words to.
I literally can't believe how wonderful an experience that concert was. Death Cab For Cutie is MY band. When I'm sad I can listen to them and be happy. When I'm happy I can listen to them and feel happier. When I'm nervous they calm me. When I'm feeling blah I put them on and suddenly the world is brighter. When I can't sleep, they lull me to dreamland. When I'm lonely, Death Cab comforts me. It's music for every emotion. I hadn't listened to them in a while. I think I forgot how much Death Cab's music means to me, but the concert brought it all back. Seeing Death Cab For Cutie live was like being snuggled up in a warm blanket. They comfort my soul.
I know that that sounded totally cheesy, and I usually don't talk like this about a band or really anything thing, but that was literally my favorite concert I have ever been to. I absolutely no plans to ever forget how much I love Death Cab For Cutie ever again. It was a lovely, magic experience and I'm glad I got to share it with my mum.
The tour buses.
 The opening act: Youth Lagoon.
 Crap pic of the band.
 A little bit better pic of Ben.
Not having a proper camera kinda gutted me. Oh well, I have my memories and these phone pics. :)

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