Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show

This afternoon I went to the Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show in Grapevine, TX with my mum. It was loads of fun. Most of the show was jewelry, from high end, expensive antiques to costume jewelry, with a few racks of cute vintage clothing throughout. I went in hopes of finding some cute vintage clothes, but there wasn't much there and I ended up not really wanting to search through racks of clothes or shell out the money. I did pickup some cute stuff, though. So here it is:
There was this table with bins of pretty cheap pins, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. I got this adorable stick pin for $1.50. I love stick pins. So far I have two and I hoping to build my collection.
I kept seeing jewelry with little roadrunner motifs. I really liked them and found this tie tack at the same table as the stick pin. It was $2.50. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with a tie tack, but I love it.
I found another pin I liked on the same table as the other two items. The little baggy it was in said it was gold filled with a real pearl. I figured this piece would lend some classiness to my wardrobe. The pin was $3.50.
These are some seriously tacky earrings, but I think they could be cute with the right outfit. They were $2.00. They were on the same table as everything else so far.
I also got this painted pin with a deer and a winter scene. I thought it was unique and will spice up a plain shirt. It cost me $10.00.
This may be my favorite purchase of the day. I saw it at the first vendor we looked at and fell in love with it, but I wasn't ready to part with my money just yet. So I left it and looked around the rest of the show. When I went back it was still there and I snagged it. The ring is totally my style. It's sterling silver and turquoise and it fits perfectly. This ring set me back $16.50. My most expensive purchase of the day, but completely worth it.
I also picked up this metallic gold bag and a retro scarf. I'm thinking about tying the scarf to the bag. They are both so cute! The bag was $12.00 and the scarf was $9.00.

Today was a great day for vintage shopping. I'm so happy with all my items and very happy that I just got my tax return, so I was able to go shopping. :-)

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