Wednesday, March 28, 2012

'Money Diet'

My mom always says we need to go on a 'money diet' and typically I nod and smile and then promptly go to the store and spend loads of money on items I really don't need. Well, not this time. I am actually going cut down on what I spend. This may seem like an easy task for some, but as my friends well know it's not going to be easy for me. Whenever I go out I spend money. I can't go into a shop without finding something that I 'have to have.' In fact today I bought more eyeshadow. I have so much eyeshadow I could stock a drugstore, but I 'needed' that new gold one. I need to save for a car, not buy eyeshadow or movies or purses or shirts or whatever else I happen to see that I 'can't live without.' I was going to give myself a goal of a month of no spending, but that might be pretty difficult for this shopaholic. I have decided that I am going on a 'money diet' til April 22. Why April 22? I have a concert that day and I know I am going to go a little crazy at the merch booth that day. I soooo want a Black Keys shirt or a Ting Tings shirt, or a Garbage shirt. Yeah they are all going to be there. I can hardly contain my excitement. Anywho, I am going to cut down on my spending until the concert and hopefully be able to save some money. I feel that starting out small with a short time period is probably the best for me. Now I know myself and I know that it will be impossible for me to start out cold turkey, so I have decided to make myself a list of items I can buy until my April 22 deadline. So here it is:
1. Jack White's new album

2. M. Ward's new album

3. A Pair of Shorts for the Concert
Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Raw Edge Rolled Cuff Shorts Assorted Washes
4. A Red Box Rental or Two

Wish me luck. I sure am going to need it. :-)

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