Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games!!!

I used to love the big summer blockbusters. I would get so excited when the warmer weather would come. Not because I could finally wear shorts again, but because it meant the end of stuffy dramatic movies. When the weather warmed up so did the films. Lately, though, I have been really into the the fall  films. The ones that show up on the Oscar ballots. I love the drama and the quality of these films. This past fall especially loved My Week With Marylin, Drive and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Those films are beautiful, well constructed (in look and a story), and surprisingly enjoyable. With my current love for the fall films, I have lost much of my interest in the summer blockbusters. I really haven't cared about superhero movies, action flicks or animated features. This year might be different though. My faith in the super popular blockbuster may have been restored. And this is due to The Hunger Games. Yes, I know it is only early Spring, but The Hunger Games was a fabulous way to usher in a new batch of big budget audience grabbers. The movie was well made with gorgeous cinematography, well cast and acted, and stayed about as true to the book as a film can be. Yes, there were changes from the story, most notably for me was how Katniss acquired the mockingjay pin and they left out much of the background story with her father. Other than that, though, I applaud the job the filmmakers did on the film. The Hunger Games has restored my faith in major Spring/Summer blockbuster films. "May the odds be ever in your favor." LOL

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