Monday, June 4, 2012

What I've Been Up To

This last week has been pretty busy. I worked alot and went through a bunch of my stuff to get rid of. I also did some shopping. Not alot, but I did go grocery shopping at the Asian market, went to the antique store and did a little Good Will browsing. I didn't end up with much, but I love what I got and that I didn't spend hardly anything.

Super H Mart
Funny Sign

The Brother

Terrible Picture of Me. No Makeup, I Was Tired, and I Didn't Have Anything to Wear.

Bubble Tea

The Ramen Aisle

The Rice Aisle

Funny Tissues


 One Evening I was totally in the mood for some awesome English Cider (which oddly enough was picked up at the Asian market). The bro and I had cider and pizza and played Rummy with my Star Wars cards. OMG I am a nerd.
Strongbow and Pizza


Dealing the Cards.

 I went to the antique store and picked up a couple of random things. I spent $5 total.
Elvis Blue Hawaii Soundtrack LP

Vintage Post Cards

The Quality Court Motel. Adel, GA. 1966

Ogallala Street Scene. Nebraska. ???

Family Camping Beech Bend Park. Bowling Green Kentucky. 1971

Tupperware International Headquarters. Orlando, FL. 1982

 And lastly, I went to the Good Will thrift store and got a couple of things. Good summer pieces. They were $15 total.
Floral Shirt.

Banana Republic Shorts

Gap Tee.

I think I'm going to shop exclusively at thrift and vintage stores for now on. I love the thrill of a good bargain and rummaging through rows of clothes.
What have you been up to? Picked up any good bargains? :)

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