Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pictures and Money Update

Since I started this blog I've been carrying my camera around with me much more. Here are some pics I've taken around the house lately:

A super yummy breakfast I made for myself the other day and the book I was reading (I just finished it and it was awesome).

 Two of my puppies. Somehow all of our throw pillows get shoved to the end of the couch and the dogs like to sleep on them. How silly do they look?

 I did my makeup for work yesterday and I really liked it. This picture is withe the flash, so it looks a bit washed out.

 Me and my sunnies without the flash this time. I like how my bronzer and blush combo turned out.

 My outfit today. Ugh. Not the best, but it was bloody hot outside and jeans were just not an option. And why am I wearing an scarf in 90 degree weather?

 The other puppy. I swear all they do is sleep.

Also, if you're interested in my money update, I did go to the thrift stores and picked up some much needed shorts and two tops. I also got some face powder and body wash at a discount store. All in all, it was under $20. I know I said I wasn't going to spend any money, but I have been doing so much better than I normally do. I usually shop every time I am at work and that is at the mall so it adds up very quickly. I haven't been doing that lately so I congratulate myself. Hhahha.

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