Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Miss the UK

Exactly a year ago I went on a study abroad trip to the UK. I was studying British Broadcasting in London for a month, and let me tell you, it was probably the greatest month of my life. I had a blast, and to celebrate the year anniversary of that momentous time in my life I thought I would do a blog post with pictures and reminisces of my time in the UK. This is going to be a picture heavy post so get ready. :)

Our home stay family had milk delivered to them. I was impressed. I've didn't know people still did that. It seemed so quaint.
Our tube station we used everyday in London. I miss the roar of the trains as they approach and I miss how easy it is to get around via the Underground.
Random Ambulance.

Camden Town. This little area is literally my favorite place in the world.
I think this was somewhere near Oxford Circus. I don't know exactly. It's been a year people!!

The new Beebs Television, next to the old Radio House.
They said We Will Rock You, and they did.

Ahhhh Topshop. Best fashion ever.

TARDIS at the old Television Center.

And as an avid Harry Potter fan I had to go to Kings Cross.
We visited Oxford.
More Oxford.

In the Cathedral at Oxford.


Apparently a load of famous writers hung out here.

Terrible drunken photo.

We were going to see the Trooping of the Colours, but we sleep through that on account of a very late night before (see above picture), but we did make it up in time to see a Naked bike race.
More Naked Bike race.
If you'd like to check out the play, you can download it HERE. I defiantly recommend it. It was amazing and worth every penny for the download.


Leicster Square Station.

Big Ben from the London Eye.
Views from the London Eye

View from the London Eye.

Underneath Big Ben

Ginger me in front of Parliament.

Oh Yeah! We went to Edinburgh to! The obligatory phone box photo!

JK Rowling wrote some of Harry Potter here at the Elephant House. I borrowed my friend's scarf for Gryffindor the pic and I already had a green one on. We dubbed the combo "Slythendor." Clever, no?
Greyfriars Graveyard.

At a textile market thing. They had this mannequin things going on. I don't know. It just happened.

At the The Camera Obscura and World of Illuminations.
More Edinburgh.
My friend and I went to McDonald's one night and there was a fire alarm. We had to leave so we sat across the street on the steps of a church to eat. It was hilarious watching all the people walk up to the McD's like "WTF is going on? Why can't we get our burgers?"

From Edinburgh Castle. I don't know who these people are.
The Thames.

My friend got us tickets to a Tame Impala concert in Camden, but we saw the Noel Fielding in the balcony above us and we pretty much lost all interest in the concert. And were were considerably smashed. BUT WE SAW OLD GREGG!
Piccadilly Circus

The Tower of London.


Tower Bridge.

Some of us went to Liverpool!
One of The Beatles first gigs was here at this little hole in the wall bar!

Beatles tribute band at the Cavern Club.

Strawberry Fields Forever.
Multiple Lennon glasses.

Beatles steps.
Ringo's goofy face. :)
I took a solo trip to the British Museum on my last day in the UK. It was fun. I didn't get to see everything, I didn't have alot of time, but I managed to see some cool s@#j&.

Like the Rosetta Stone.

Always remember to mind the gap!
And the premiere of the last Harry Potter film was occurring on one of our last days in Trafalgar Square. We didn't get in, but we did get to see some of the craziness and the barrier blocking us from the stars!

The map of how to get around Trafalgar Square. Like that helped any. haha

Security and the banners!
I miss the UK so much. I literally can't believe it's been a year! This summer is going to be the biggest let down compared to my time in the UK. I loved everything about it (except possibly the food and the fact that I was sick the whole time). I even miss my classes there. It was all so lovely. London, Liverpool, Oxford, and Edinburgh will always be in my mind. I can't wait til I have the the resources to hop on a plane and be back there!. Hopefully that will be next May and I will be back in my beloved United Kingdom.

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