Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ikea, Money Update and Life

I haven't posted in so long. I've missed it, but I have been super busy with work, having to take my car in and doing a bit of purging in my closet. I sold a bunch of clothes. I only made $130 off of them, but every little bit helps, right? As for my car, I took it in to get an oil change and inspection. They also changed out the air filter. I was so relieved that it only cost $100. Then not even two days later the damn thing's oil light started to come on. So, they said there was some kind of oil leak and it cost $140 to fix. I am so mad! There wasn't a problem til they did an oil change. I sort of feel ripped off. Oh well.
As far as my money update, I bought a record, some vintage postcards, a couple of shirts and a pair of shorts from Good Will and some nail implements. It all totalled to about $40. Not bad for me, especially considering how I made $137 on selling old clothes, books and cds. Now I just need to stop going out to eat so much.
And to finish this post, I thought I would share some pictures from my trip to IKEA a couple of weeks ago.
The parking lot.

Lunch. Yummy Swedish meatballs.

And the van again. It was so awesome I had to show it twice. LOL.

Later this week I plan on showing Ya'll what I got at IKEA and my antique store and thrift store buys. Hope you have a great first week of June! :)

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