Monday, August 20, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Festival

This weekend I went to a hot air balloon festival by the lake. It sounds exciting doesn't it? Well, as it turned out not alot of ballooning actually occurred. The opening night of it they only managed to get about five balloons up out of the twelve that they were supposed to be sending up and they got to a late start. The next day they were going to have a balloon race at 7:00 AM, so my mum and I got up early (ish). We got there at little late, but there were no balloons up. In fact the vans that the balloonists (?) use were driving away and nothing was happening at all. We asked someone what was up and they said that the balloons weren't going up because of the iffy weather. That was a bummer, but we manage to have some fun. Mum and I went down by the lake and took too many pictures of too little. The balloon festival also included a vintage car show, which we checked out. After our thrilling adventure at the hot air balloon festival, we went home and both of us ended up taking naps.
 The opening night of the hot air balloon festival. They lit up the six balloons. It was cool.

The one balloon that was up before it got dark outside.

 The fact that anyone would consider swimming in this lake seriously disturbs me.

 The lake is gorgeous, isn't it? (she asks in a sarcastic tone)
 Dead fish on the lake shore.

 And for the stupid people: there is a a lake there. Don't drive into it.

 El Camino at the car show.

 I think I need this in my life. Anyone wanna get me one for Christmas?

This car was cool with the A&W root beer mugs on the window tray and all.

So there you go, my exciting weekend. I really liked the car show, even though the balloon festival was a bust. 

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