Saturday, August 4, 2012

Do You Smash?

Tuesday was my birthday and for a birthday present my mum bought me a Smash book. I've done a couple of pages, but I wanted to focus on my beauty pages. I work in fragrances at a department store and have friends that work  in the cosmetics departments. I love all things beauty and fragrance related and I am a total sucker for cute packaging. But what do you do with all that adorable cardboard? I bought a few cosmetics minis and decided to cut up the packaging and smash it into my Smash book.I also had some fragrance packaging and pictures from fragrance school the other day that I put in my Smash book as well.  I like the way the pages turned out and thought that I would share 'em on my blog. Here it goes:
The book.

This is my ode to fragrances (with a bit of cosmetics and Betsy Johnson love).

Cosmetic packaging is so cute. I loved finding a way to save it.

Just wondering: do you guys Smash and if so, what do you Smash?
Lots of Love,

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