Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me! (I'm Getting Old)

I feel a little bit sad that I've been unable to post lately. I have been taking a video editing class for the summer 2 session at my university and it has taken up ALL of my time. I also have work and an online class. I don't think I've ever been so busy. I also had a cold that started like a week and a half ago that I still have the remnants of (the cough is making me crazy!). But I have a little free time right now, so I thought I'd show you guys some of the lovely gifties I received from my family for my birthday. My birthday isn't til next Tuesday, but my family will be out of town next week, so my mom gave me my gifts today. They are pretty great gifts, if a little random. Here's what I received for my birthday (the big 2-5):
I got a Lomography camera with flash and some 100 speed and 400 speed film. It's a La Sardina and the model is called "The Guvnor." The camera is supposed to be shaped like a sardine can and it's decorated with London landmarks and streets including Soho, Trafalgar Square, etc.

Close up. Check out the cute Union Jack lens cover. I literally can't wait to take some hipster worthy shots.

My mum put a bunch of random gifts in this reusable tote. It says I heart London. How cute is that?

Inside the tote was a Smash Journal and some accessories for it. I got a few Smash pads, a date stamp, tape and page markers.

It's like a cross between a journal and a scrapbook.

All the pages are different. I love journals and scrap booking, so this is going to be so fun.

My mom bought me this gorgeous Fossil watch. It has a faux mother of pearl band and a rose gold face with rhinestones. So pretty.

I had wanted one almost exactly like this and didn't tell anyone. It's weird how sometimes your mom just knows, right?

Some pocket notebooks. Love the colors.

I adore beach towels. I'd rather use a beach towel than a bath towel, so I was excited to get this. Look at those colors.

I love how random my mom can be. Se got me two packs of gum and some of my favorite candy for my B-day. I was excited. Yum. Yum.

I also got a new EOS lip balm. I already had the summer fruits one and liked it alot, so I was glad to get another in the form of the sweet mints flavor. Ahh, minty fresh.

I had also been buying myself stuff this month. I've done quite a bit of shopping and here's a couple of the things I bought. There is more, so I might do a separate post. But for now here's a new had and some sunnies I got myself. All hail the sun protection!

 New Marc By Mark Jacobs sunglasses. These were a steal at Dillard's for $37! I love 'em.
And here they are on.

Hat I got a Urban Outfitters for $7.99!

And lastly, this is not a birthday present I actually got it at work today for freebies! I got other SWAG (S.tuff W.e A.ll, gotta love The Office), but I'm giving most of it to family. I'm only keeping this and one other thing, I was actually going to go home after my work class today and pre-order this item online because I wanted it so bad, but I ended up getting one!

Fame perfume by Lady Gaga! The perfume is awesome! Before I smelled it today, I was praying it smelled good! I wanted it, but wasn't going to buy it unless it smelled good. Fame exceeded all expectations. When it's first sprayed you can smell apricots, which give it fruity notes, but as it dries down it warms up into this seductive, sophisticated scent. I personally think it's one of the best celebrity scents! Much more grown up than a Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton,Madona, Beyonce, Selena Gomez, etc scent. And the liquid is black! Then it sprays clear! Well done Lady Gaga! Fame is sure to be a HUGE hit! I'm sniffing my arm now and after 4 hours the scent is still there and it's fantastic!
Today was a great day! Despite sitting in an 8 hour class for work and missing the opening ceremonies of the Olympics due to homework (never fear! I recorded it!) I got to get my new favorite fragrance (I have a lot, so to say it's a favorite is a big deal for me), and I came home to lovely gifts from my family (I can't wait to use my lomo camera and wear my new watch). I feel so lucky!
Now it's off to bed so I can wake up early and take the train to Dallas with a friend in the morning! 

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